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4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Personal

Our bedrooms are commonly used as our sanctuaries – a place of rest, relaxation and slumber. As we spend so much time in our bedrooms, it only seems fitting that the décor, furniture and ambience of the room reflects us as individuals. How do we do this?

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Using Colour To Transform A Home

Colour is more than just a shade – it’s an identity, a statement and a reflection of your own personal tastes. Colour in your home provides personality and uniqueness, ensuring no two homes look quite alike. Whatever your preference, whether it’s bold and bright or mute and neutral, the colour you use in your home transforms its appearance.

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Eco-friendly Interior Design For A More Environmentally Conscious Home

After the BBC aired Blue Planet II, which showcased the enormously harmful effect of pollution on our planet, the British public’s interest in search terms such as ‘climate change’ and ‘plastic recycling’ surged. As more people look to cut their impact on the environment, here are some ideas to help you create an eco-friendlier home by cutting down on waste.

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How Can Fitted Furniture Help You Recharge and Relax?

We all love our relaxation time, but wouldn’t it be nice if we had more time to chill out in a clutter-free bedroom? Imagine settling down in a cosy space, free of personal belongings taking up large areas of your floor, your bed and your desk. Surprisingly, there is a very simple way to achieve this! We recommend purchasing fitted furniture to help create a clean, tidy and peaceful room where you can recharge and relax completely. We’ve put together a few reasons why fitted furniture has such a great impact on both your bedroom aesthetic, and your wellbeing.

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How To Make Your Bedroom Instagram-Worthy

Have you ever wondered how interior design bloggers and vloggers achieve the picture-perfect bedroom in their Instagram pictures? Well, it might be easier than you think! There are a few simple things you can do to make your bedroom brighter, breezier and more fashionable.

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Creating Breezy Summer Style In Your Bedroom

Summer is just around the corner, but why wait? You can redecorate a room ready for the warmer season – and keep it that way even once summer is over to ensure it always feels like the sun is shining. With the right colour scheme and some choice modifications to your bedroom, you can capture the spirit of summer right here in your home. Follow these tips for creating a summer-inspired style you can enjoy all year round.

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Getting to Grips with Industrial Chic in Your Home

This year we’ve seen Industrial Chic, an interior design trend once confined to converted lofts and warehouses, extend its reach to leisure and retail facilities, office spaces and homes. Industrial Chic is the epitome of minimalism, combining both simplicity and style. This trend uses modern construction materials to create an attractive aesthetic very in-keeping with urban life. But how can you achieve it in your home? Follow these simple steps to creating an Industrial Chic vibe in one of the most important rooms in your house: the bedroom.

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How to Achieve ‘Hygge’ in Your Home

In Denmark there is an institute dedicated to the study of happiness and a Danish state of mind known as ‘hygge’. Although there is no direct English translation of the word ‘hygge’, it is commonly associated with cosiness, comfort and warmth. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who study this Danish concept are deeply interested in interior design, home furnishings and the way these elements affect our wellbeing and happiness.

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