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Creating Breezy Summer Style In Your Bedroom

Summer is just around the corner, but why wait? You can redecorate a room ready for the warmer season – and keep it that way even once summer is over to ensure it always feels like the sun is shining. With the right colour scheme and some choice modifications to your bedroom, you can capture the spirit of summer right here in your home. Follow these tips for creating a summer-inspired style you can enjoy all year round.

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Getting to Grips with Industrial Chic in Your Home

This year we’ve seen Industrial Chic, an interior design trend once confined to converted lofts and warehouses, extend its reach to leisure and retail facilities, office spaces and homes. Industrial Chic is the epitome of minimalism, combining both simplicity and style. This trend uses modern construction materials to create an attractive aesthetic very in-keeping with urban life. But how can you achieve it in your home? Follow these simple steps to creating an Industrial Chic vibe in one of the most important rooms in your house: the bedroom.

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How to Achieve ‘Hygge’ in Your Home

In Denmark there is an institute dedicated to the study of happiness and a Danish state of mind known as ‘hygge’. Although there is no direct English translation of the word ‘hygge’, it is commonly associated with cosiness, comfort and warmth. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who study this Danish concept are deeply interested in interior design, home furnishings and the way these elements affect our wellbeing and happiness.

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Natural Interior Design Ideas For the Bedroom

2018 is a year of change, but one design trend that has remained consistent over the past few years is the idea of incorporating natural materials within the home.  As sustainability and eco-friendliness grow in importance, so too does the desire to create more natural-feeling spaces. Bringing the outside in creates a space that feels more alive, which is perfect for creating a home that creates a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

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Is a cluttered home bad for your wellbeing?

Your home is a reflection of you – or so they say. There’s a field of psychology dedicated to exploring the relationship we have with our homes, and whether we can gauge someone’s personality just by stepping into their home. Whether it’s a scientific fact or not, it is fair to say that people typically style their homes as a reflection of their personalities.

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Contemporary Bedroom Design

In past articles on our website, we’ve covered interior design trends such as minimalism, modernism and urban rustic design. However, one of the most confusing design movements is ‘Contemporary design.’ Contemporary means ‘existing, occurring or living at the same time.’  

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How To Decorate A Bedroom On A Budget

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, but it’s also the one you often leave til last when redecorating or moving in. The living room often gets the most attention – so you can be left out of pocket by the time you decide to spruce up the bedroom. However, with the right design considerations you can learn how to decorate a bedroom on a budget...

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Building a lighter, brighter bedroom for 2018

It’s the New Year, is it time for a new you? Your bedroom is your space. It’s your inner sanctum, where you should feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. If your bedroom isn’t helping you feel any of those things, you’re missing out on an opportunity to enter 2018 in a more positive place. It’s important to remember that ‘lighter’ isn’t just a shade of colour – it’s also a way of feeling. If you’d prefer to clear out some space and create a more welcoming bedroom, here are out top tips for creating your own little slice of zen.

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Building an office in your bedroom

So you’re trying to work from home. Whether you’ve dived into a world of freelancing or you’re just starting on that novel you’ve always promised yourself, working at home can be an incredible experience. But, it can also be a long hard slog trying to motivate yourself in the same environment you spend your leisure time in.

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10 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When space is at a premium, bedroom design becomes more about utility over looks. When you’ve not got much room to work with, you can’t afford to go for the big, fancy kingsize and instead must focus on how to make a room look its best without compromising any of the precious space.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our 10 excellent space-saving small bedroom decorating ideas.

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