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Wardrobes and Winning!

It’s always good to give back. Over the past few months, we’ve been running a little competition with our customers where we’ve been asking them to leave their honest feedback on Trustpilot to be entered into a draw.

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Designing a child’s bedroom that stands the test of time

Most parents redecorate their child’s bedroom as their tastes change, which could be as frequently as a single day. In reality, the average bedroom is redecorated every 4-5 years. With the average cost of a decorating project in a single room could set a family back between £375 to £500, you could be looking at spending thousands on your child’s bedroom before they even hit 18.
Instead, why not build an enduring children’s bedroom that can help them play, learn the value of organisation and most importantly, not have to be altered or redesigned as they grow...

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Orange: Is it Really the New Black?

It definitely creates a striking image, but orange can be a tricky colour to pull off; get it right and you’ll have a look reminiscent of a chic Parisian boutique, but get it wrong and it’s Au Revoir Paris and Bonjour Prison Uniforms.

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Grey room, no Gloom

Grey is a complex colour to work with in interior design – while it does have a lot of complementary colours, it sometimes darkens other colours in a room and creates a gloomy aesthetic. Luckily, we’re here to help you out with pull off a dark grey look without it being too dark.

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Urban Rustic

Urban Rustic decor is an innovative and exciting way to decorate your interior, which, when done properly, combines countryside accents and styles with modern urban design in a fantastic, eye-catching fashion.

Urban Rustic design comes in many ways, shapes, forms and names, but whether it’s called Industrial Chic, Vintage Modern or Bohemian Chic, there are several core ways to make your interior the perfect Urban Rustic utopia.

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Chaos Theory: Eclectic, but not Hectic

Eclecticism is an intriguing, yet effective design idea – while it can result in a fantastic look for any room, there is always the danger of trying too much and creating an untidy, unpleasant aesthetic. Luckily, we’re here to help you avoid the potential pitfalls and make your space brilliantly eclectic.

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Top Tips for Bringing Geometry into Your Interior

Using geometrics and bold patterns in your interior design scheme can be something which a lot of people are put off by, but in reality there’s no reason to be afraid. Working with such a diverse pattern and theme gives you a wide range of options for how to use it in your interior, due to the inherent versatility of geometric patterns.

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How to Make the Perfect Moroccan Interior

One of only three countries having both an Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline, Morocco has a unique culture, visible in everything from art and design to fashion and architecture. Interior design in Morocco is typically bright and vibrant, with interesting patterns and textures throughout. Feature pieces of furniture are often seen, such as vases, seats and tables.

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