Big Ideas

What is Hampton Style?

The Hampton style of interior design is a bright and open style which uses a palette of airy whites, light wood textures and natural pastel colours. Inspired by the beach houses of Long Island, the style imitates a relaxed coastal atmosphere, with white predominantly making up the colour scheme and textures used sparsely.

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Unusual and Creative Wardrobe Ideas

Whilst wardrobes are conventionally used to store clothes in a bedroom, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from using wardrobes for a variety of applications, from turning it into a kitchen drinks cabinet to using your wardrobe as a wall divider. Read on for more ideas on how you can use your wardrobe in unusual and creative ways.

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Mixing Traditional Home Décor with Modern Design Ideas

For this case study, we’re looking at a traditionally styled bedroom which artfully mixes in some modern design features. This room doesn’t limit itself to a specific period or style but is rather about a harmonious mix between various design elements and eras. Read on for our full breakdown.

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Why Renovate Your Loft?

All too often, our lofts are just a cluttered space used to stuff junk and things that you haven’t used in years. If your loft is currently just a dusty space without any real purpose then you may want to consider renovating it into an extra bedroom. If you’re willing to make the investment, a dormer bedroom conversion is a great way to add extra space.

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