Fitted bedroom furniture is a beautifully aesthetic storage solution for any modern home. Entirely bespoke to your needs, fitted furniture slots neatly into the space you have available.

The Sliding Door Wardrobe Company has a fantastic range of sliding door wardrobes, gorgeous walk-in options and fitted bedroom designs all custom designed and crafted to your exact requirements.

We have options to suit every personality and interior design style - for instance, our Shaker sliding door wardrobes fuse the traditional with the modern, whilst our Frameless sliding door wardrobes cultivate a contemporary, sleek atmosphere.

We can craft fitted bedroom wardrobes to fit into awkward, unused areas of your home. Our expert design team can even style bespoke storage solutions to fit under sloping attic ceilings, around tricky corners and under the stairs.

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What are fitted bedrooms?

The benefits of fitted bedrooms

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Assessing your space

Customisation and personalisation

Features and accessories

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Sliding door wardrobes and different house styles


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