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Hygge: The Trend Lives On

By now all of us are all familiar with the trend of hygge – the Danish word for cosiness or comfort. The idea sits within a larger theme of wellness and people practice hygge as a way to improve their quality of life, physically and mentally.

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Moody Blues: Creating a Black and Navy Colour Scheme

For years, interior designers avoided dark colours, believing them to make spaces look smaller and cramped. In the last few years however, dark and moody tones have had a resurgence in interior design, and are being used to create atmospheric and cosy spaces. Shades of black and navy blue, in particular, are very popular in interior design at the moment and when utilised properly can create a chic and stylish room. Here are a few tips on how to make the look work.

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Creating a Texture Rich Home

Different textures have always been popular in interior design: woodgrains, wool, brick, etc. But a newer trend is to combine multiple textures in one room. This creates a texture rich and interesting room that appeals to your sense of sight and touch. Here are a few materials which create a great sense of texture in a home, creating a visually interesting room.

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Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

Everyone wants to be able to be a good host to guests. If you have a spare room, it can be easy for it to fall into a range of different functions: laundry room or exercise room. Keeping your spare room ready for guests means it will always look welcoming and they will always feel at home. Make sure it is furnished with everything they will need for a comfortable stay, including their own storage to utilise.

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New Bedroom on a Budget

Sometimes you need to shake out of the old routine and do something different. A great way to do this is by redecorating your bedroom. A new space can give you a new lease of life, like a breath of fresh air into your home and mind. The only problem is that this can be an expensive project to take on. This blog will show you some of the ways you can cut down on costs when creating a new bedroom.

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How to Deal with Awkward Spaces in Your Home

Although you may have a vision for how you want your home to look, sometimes the structure of the building gets in the way of this plan. There can be all sorts of reasons why you have awkward spaces in your home, but there is also a way to make the most of them. Our made to measure fitted wardrobes are tailor made to which ever space you want them in, making the most of every inch of room.

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Decorating a Coastal Home

The coastal theme is a constant in interior design that has evolved through the ages. From classic, kitschy nautical accessories like ship’s wheels and portholes, to simple coastal colour schemes, there are a million ways to achieve this look in your home. Whether you live near the sea, or just like to feel like you do, this look is relaxing and comforting for homes of all types. This blog will explain a few of the ways in which you can achieve this look.

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Woodgrain Finishes and What They Can Do For Your Home

Our made to measure wardrobes come in a range of different finishes, including glass, mirror and woodgrain. Woodgrain finishes are a great way to add some warmth into a room and they look particularly good on a run of fitted wardrobes. We have woodgrain finishes ranging from dark shades to light, so there is something in the range to suit every style and colour of bedroom or living area.

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Designing a Walk-In Wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms are becoming more popular in homes, as people are beginning to favour them over guest bedrooms. Why not create a little space for yourself? The idea of a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room may seem a little indulgent to some, but if you have a lot of clothes and accessories it’s a great way of decluttering so that your bedroom can be used just for sleeping and relaxing. If you don’t even know where to start with designing your dressing room, this blog will teach you the most important things to remember.

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Country Living: How To Get The Look

The classic country style is a timeless look that has always been in fashion. It’s a comfortable but stylish look that, when executed correctly, evokes grand country manors in even the smallest of homes. Think traditional patterns and fabrics, roaring fires and a relaxed but classy feel. This blog will run through some key design features of this classic look and how you can achieve it in your home.

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