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Furnitex Connect

The FURNITEX Connect event is one of the most important in furniture design and helps companies such as ours determine their future design strategy.

FURNITEX Connect is run by the Australian Furniture Association (AFA). The group recently embarked on a review of its peak event, appointing a new event organiser. The main change outlined so far is the removal of the gifts and homewares section, making the event a furniture and furnishings event exclusively. Exhibitors are also now required to meet the organiser’s Quality Workmanship, Original Design & Manufacturing Standards and Sustainable & Ethical Practices Guidelines, ensuring only the very best in furniture design makes it in to the exhibition.

This year’s list of exhibitors includes Bern Chandley Furniture, Eureka Street Furniture, Merlino Furniture and countless other established names in design. The exhibition will also feature a ‘looking to the future’ campaign, allowing young and upcoming designers to showcase their work.

For more information about the event, view the website -

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