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5 Tips for a More Photogenic Room

So you've managed to master the 'Perfectly Posed Selfie', but somehow the shots you take of your space at home always look a little off. In the world of photo obsessed apps, social media, blogs and online estate agencies, there has never been a better time to make your house appear more photogenic. 

Try these simple tricks to make sure the photos you take of your space are just as perfected as your selfies...

Add a few new touches

Adding some new accessories needn't break the bank. A few reasonably priced pieces can transform a tired, dated room. Bright cushions, vases, throws and photo frames all add to the feel of a room. Sticking to a colour scheme is a great way to make a room look more appealing but you should always add one or two contrasting colours/textures to break up the other colours.

Remember Less Is More

Firstly, you have to understand that clutter, no matter how sentimental to you, is never appeasing to the outsiders eye. You may be so used to looking at your room that you don't realize what it actually looks like. Try this trick: clear all surfaces in your room then put each item back strategically, and ONLY if you think it has a purpose or adds to the room ascetically. When in doubt err on the sparse side!

Find a feature

When photographing a space without a subject such as a people or pets it can be hard to know what to look at first. So you need to decide what will be your focus in the room and what you want people to look at first. You can do this by framing the photo to include and exclude items. A good shot should always have one or two main things that stand out so adjust until it feels focused enough, and remember symmetry is always more appealing to the eye. 

Style before snapping

Grouping together objects, adding in colour or accents and bringing in things from other rooms are great strategies. Try to capture the feeling of the room, if your room has a open fire then light it up and make sure you catch a glimpse of the fire burning so the photo reflects the how it feels in person. 

Don't be scared to edit

A little cropping and brightening can go a really long way towards making any photo look professional. Even your basic mobile phone photo software has settings that can make your image go from amateur to pro in a few clicks!

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