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How to Get the Film Design: Charley's Bedroom (A Single Man)

When A Single Man came out in 2009, everyone was mesmerised by the elegance and style of Tom Ford’s directorial debut. Set in 1962, the film was able to revel in the fashion of the time, with everything from the outfits to the décor and design of the buildings made with great attention to detail. Here, we focus on the bedroom of the decadent and slightly outrageous character Charley, whose home captured the attention of many design fans.

Simple Extravagence

Unlike the rest of Charley’s house, which is perfect for fabulous parties and entertaining in the swinging sixties, her bedroom is a calmer, more private sanctuary. A few carefully chosen objects imbue the room with an extravagance that is more reserved and keeps it from becoming overpowering. Finding similar objects to place in your own room is a sure way to recreate this look. Instantly noticeable is the silk turquoise ikat headboard. This dominates the comparatively simple bed and brings a feeling of relaxed, effortless glamour to the room.

Accompanying the headboard are the bedside lamps. Tall and imposing, they further the laidback tone in solid white and the bouquet of flowers shape below the lampshade, bathing the room in gentle, white light.

Finally, a large, gold-framed mirror looks over the relatively simple dressing table to finish the look of the room. Much larger than necessary, with a wide and thick gold frame and a bold decorative pattern, this completes the assortment of extravagantly stylish objects in Charley’s room that create its unmistakable look.

If you love the idea of a large mirror in your own bedroom then check out our fitted wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors, such as our Frameless Hampton in White Text and Grey Tinted Mirror design.

Let us know if you try to recreate this classic bedroom from cinema and send us a photo of the results. If you have any ideas for bedrooms from film and TV for us to cover do send them in as well, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

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