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How to Liven Up Your Bathroom

It’s easy for a bathroom to quickly become stale. As a room we tend to only be in when we need to use it, bathrooms can rapidly become neglected, untidy and looking long past their best days. Luckily, however, this doesn’t have to be the case as it’s just as easy to bring your bathroom back to life with very little time and money. Follow our simple tips and tricks, and you can completely transform your bathroom in as little as an afternoon!

First things first, clear all the rubbish and clutter that has built up wherever it’s found a home for itself. Old magazines that haven’t been touched in weeks, cosmetics that have already been replaced, little bits of rubbish like toilet paper rolls that didn’t make it all the way to the waste bin, scoop them all into a bag and throw them out. This step alone can free up space and bring a clean, structured aesthetic back to your bathroom.

Next, bathroom accessories are easy and cheap to replace and can make a huge difference. Get rid of mismatching bath mats and out of place ornaments and replace them with something fresher. It’s also a great opportunity to bring a colour scheme to the room, either with matching items or a set including the waste basket and other items.

If you’re unsure about choosing a colour scheme just remember this fundamental rule. If the walls and décor of your bathroom are neutral colours, than the accessories, towels etc. should be colourful and bright, and vice versa. It’s a simple way to bring clear design to your bathroom.

Similar to clutter, you’ll want to get rid of any cleaning products in the bathroom, or rather get them out of sight. Unsightly bottles of bleach, tile cleaner and other products with ruin the room’s design, so keep these in a storage cabinet or create a covered storage solution to keep them hidden away until needed. A fitted wardrobe in your bathroom might seem unusual at first, but it's the perfect storage solution for any space!

Although it can take a little more time, getting a plain mirror framed can add warmth and character to your bathroom and avoid it looking too cold and strictly functional. Just make sure to choose a frame that matches the rest of the room.

For final touches, scented candles work wonders, adding colour, warmth and fragrance to a room even without being lit. Vintage furniture that you’ve relegated to the attic but would bring a quirky or traditional aesthetic can also be a great addition, as well as providing extra storage or shelf space. Finally, if you like to keep a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen, take one or two for a small vase in the bathroom.

Let us know your own tips and how your bathroom rejuvenation works out, we’d love to hear from you!

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