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Sweden’s Dream House

Sweden has long been known for it’s unique take on design, offering a beautiful simplicity combined with high functionality , all at an affordable cost. Given the success of furniture empires such as IKEA, it’s fair to say that the world has fallen in love with this ethos. So when over twenty percent of the country voted on their ideal home recently, it made headlines around the world.

Known as the Hemnet Home or “the House of Clicks” (in reference to the 200million plus clicks on the property website), the final interpretation was designed by architects and Tham & Videgård and includes a number of quintessentially Scandinavian features, including a double height dining area, upstairs terrace and large windows to fill the house with natural light. The house is, of course, crafted from wood.

The house is a clear amalgamation of the two most iconic Swedish designs – the traditional, red Faku cottage and the glass minimalist box. The architects themselves describe the house as a mix between two different types of building. “A new standardised house within reach of most people. A simple, cost- and energy-efficient design that is easy to build and customize. But also a beautiful building with generous natural light and a feeling of space throughout the house.”

Unsurprisingly, discussions are now underway to make the Hemnet Home a reality for anyone with a plot of land in Sweden and about £200,000 to spend. Maybe the house will even make it over to the North East of England one day. In the meantime, we’ll have to create our own Scandinavia inspired designs. Add a touch of Scandinavia to your home with one of our minimalist sliding door wardrobes.

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