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How to Get the Film Design: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a non-stop visual assault of glamour, glitz and decadence – 1920’s Hollywood style. From the classic look of ‘old money’ East Egg to the brash and daring ‘new money’ West Egg’ the set design (and costume design) is simply breathtaking. Our design guide gives you some ideas on how to add a few of the more timeless elements of 1920’s interior design to your home and bring out your inner Gatsby. Shall we get started, old sport? 

Buy the right house

It may sound like a bit of a drastic step, but a house built in the 1920’s is the perfect place to recreate 1920’s style. The 1920’s saw a boom in house building in the UK, so there is a good chance you live in such a house already. If you do, consider reinstating period features such as parquet wooden floors in the hallway and living areas. A more affordable option is black and white vinyl tiles – ideal for a kitchen. Other period features include bold, rectangular fireplaces. Art deco options are always a popular choice. If you’re lucky, you may have wooden panelling in your hallway. Restore this to its former glory with a dark varnish. 

Colour me bold

Nothing says decadence like bold, bright colours. But remember, there is a thin line between decadent style and tacky. Stick to classic colours like silver, gold, chrome, black and white. And keep statement design to ceilings and floors. While it is perfectly acceptable to silver leaf an entire ceiling, or paint a floor black, walls should be kept relatively plain to create a perfect contrast and help draw attention to your furniture and accessories. 

Accessory glamour

Nothing says 1920’s like golden lamps. Rugs are a great option on wooden floors, especially ones with strong geometric patterns. Bed linen should be kept relatively plain, but throws for sofas and chairs should include a touch of glamour, perhaps with a metallic thread or light geometric pattern. Glass vases and mirrors are also extremely Gatsby-esque. Opt for a sliding door wardrobe with mirrored doors, such as our Shaker White Frame with Diamond Cut Silver Mirror design, to really go all out on this look.

Other finishing touches run the risk of making your home seem old-fashioned, but used sparsely can really recreate a true 1920’s feel. An old dial phone or a decorative cigar box really bring out the Gatsby, as do letter openers and ostrich feathers.

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