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Chic NYC Hotel Ideas for Your Home

Stumbling across lustful hotel interiors whilst travelling can sometimes be a rare occurrence, but one city you can count on experiencing great style is, of course, New York City! NYC hotels are renowned for their stylish and unique interiors, but you don't have to own a 'cool designer crash pad' to live in home like this.

We can incorporate hotel-interior ideas into our own homes by following a few simple design tips.

Use real materials.

Opt for simple and basic materials such as polished concrete flooring, wood, leather and cork. These are more versatile and durable and leaves option for any colour palette. Layering contrasting textures such as brick, wood, slate or concrete is a great way to bring the industrial city look into your home. Pairing these with warmer components such as leather, cork or wool will keep your room looking cosy and inviting.


Lighting is used as the main focal point of most NYC hotel lobbies and when it comes to features, they don't do things by halves! Hanging lights have became a top trend in the last few years, but New York has taken it to another level. Using exposed light bulbs hung from the ceiling with oversized, black bare wires will add a rustic feel to any room. To add a more dramatic feel, group together 10-15 wires with individual exposed bulbs to turn your lighting into the feature of the room.


When it comes to decoration/accessories more is definitely...more! Layer photo frames on top of each other and hang them close to the ceiling rather than the standard straight-symmetrical line. If you are hanging a clock on the wall go for an oversized vintage piece. Adding a large mirror to an entrance wall will open up even the smallest of rooms, this is often seen behind reception desks in hotel lobbies to give the illusion that the design in front of the desk continues behind.

To make the most of your New York style, turn your storage into a feature by opting for a Minimalist Mirror wardrobe from Sliding Door Wardrobe Company.  Full length mirror panels make even the smallest rooms feel a lot larger and create a timeless contemporary feel. 

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