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How to Get the TV Show Design: Friends

Friends Fest, which took place in London earlier this month, saw The Boiler House on Brick Lane transform itself into the ultimate Friends experience, giving fans the chance to immerse themselves into the world made famous by Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.  The event featured a full scale set of Monica's apartment complete with the oversized window seat, mixed patterns/colour schemes and an array of sofas and chairs. Central Perk was also recreated and fans could enjoy a coffee whilst having their photo taken on the famous orange sofa.

So here's how can you bring the 'Old New York' style of Friends to your home interiors...

Mix up your patterns

The apartments in Friends look like pretty nice places to live, but looking at the interiors closely, none of the furnishings or upholstery actually match. The feeling of cosiness is created by a mix of different patterns from the rugs on the floor, to the throws on the poorly coordinated sofas. As far as colour schemes are concerned,  it is just one big mismatch but surprisingly it works perfectly together to create an apartment any one of us would be happy to own.
Experiment with a mixture of colour, texture and style with our interactive wardrobe builder to design a truly eclectic, Friends-inspired wardrobe.

Comfort seating

When it comes to Friends, they know a thing or two about comfortable seating. From the large patterned sofas in Monica's apartment, to the famous leather recliner over in Joey’s place, when it comes to lounging they make sure they do it in comfort! Add a mismatch of sofas into your home to create the look, complete with large throws and cushions.

Go for bold

Nothing says New York 90's apartment better than bold colours. Green, Lilac, Pink and Yellow, aren't the usual go to colours when you think of a colour scheme but adding these to your walls, doors and even cabinets will create the perfect 'Old New York' vibe. 

Bring the outside in

Bring the outside in by adding flowers, and plants wherever possible. The apartments on set have wooden floors and beams throughout, if you aren't lucky enough to have these in your home already then try to bring back the original features of other wooden aspects around your home such as skirting boards, banisters and polished tables.

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