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Famous Sliding Doors

The sliding door originated in Japan and has since spread throughout  the world becoming one of the most space effective and attractive types of wardrobe storage for our homes. As well as being popular within interior design, sliding doors have also replaced most shopping mall entrances not to mention, featuring in many blockbuster films and game shows throughout the years. Here we take a look back at some of the most memorable sliding doors of all time.

Star Trek

With the recent buzz around the new Star Trek TV Series we can't help but be reminded of the famous sliding door in the sci-fi world of Star Trek. For many people this was the first time they had seen a sliding door in full operation and they seemed pretty futuristic with their sensors which spot people and open. Most current sliding doors are still nothing on the doors of Star Trek, The Sci-Fi doors never opened by mistake or demanded a wait if someone ran up to it.


The Generation Game

The generation game sliding doors were possibly the start of a fashion trend set to stay with television shows. The show saw Bruce walk through the doors to the classic theme tune, as well as countless contestants and celebrities. The beauty behind the sliding door in this instance was the build up to the reveal of who would be behind the door, a novelty we doubt would work as well with a push/pull alternative.


London Underground

Tube railways began in the early 20th century, using electric multiple units known as gate stock with lattice gate access at each end of the car.  The earlier railways had electrified the underground sections of their lines by 1907 and the pneumatic sliding doors were introduced on tube trains in 1919. To Londoners, the sliding door is a part of their daily routine, and even their life. The dreaded sound of 'stand clear of the doors please' as you're running for your morning tube is a thing of nightmares.


Big Brother

Although Big Brother may have took a slump in viewings over recent years, we can't forget the infamous sliding door exit after the dramatic 10 second countdown, or the last glimpse of the housemate before they enter the house!



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