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The Ultimate Shoe Storage Guide

Keeping your shoes organised is important not only for easy access to finding the right shoes to go with an outfit, but also for keeping your shoes in good condition. More often than not, it seems a lot easier to just throw them in a cupboard or under a bed, but this is not good for your shoes, (or the look of your home for that matter.)

There are many ways shoes can be stored to keep them organised and some can even double up as the focal point of a room.


Fitted wardrobes are a great way of organising, but it doesn't have to stop at just your clothes. Design a wardrobe which includes a storage solution for your shoes too. Racks and shelving work very well inside fitted wardrobes, dedicate one side of your wardrobe to your clothes and the other to your footwear for ultimate organisation. Take a look at our interactive wardrobe builder to get started on your wardrobe plan and get a quote today.


A shoe carousel is guaranteed to put your shoes in a spin! A revolving shoe unit could be the feature of your room or fit neatly away inside your fitted wardrobe.


Sometimes shoes are so beautiful that we don't want to hide them away, so why not display those special ones on a bookcase for the world to see!? A bookcase is an ideal display solution, whilst still keeping them practically accessible when getting ready.


The sky's the limit when it comes to displaying your shoes on a ladder, the amount of shoes you can display depends on the length of your ladder. Shoe heels will hook over the rungs of the ladder so make sure you opt for one with lots. This is a great option if you want to save money and can be made to look as expensive as you like with a lick of paint- try white chalk paint and finish in a wax for a vintage edge.

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