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Cool Clocks

Clocks are all around us – on our phones, our wrists, our TVs, and our walls. You wouldn’t want to wear an ugly watch, so why would you settle for some plain, boring wall clock? We’ve come up with a few ways to add some life to your room with the right clock.

Stick to Colour Schemes
If a particular room in your home has a theme or scheme, don’t break the trend. Matching your clocks to your colour scheme or pattern is a fantastic way to create an elegant, understated look, as your clock will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your interior. Colours like white, cream or black will combine well with almost any other colour, especially the Little Big Time clock from Dutch designer Karlsson.

Timeless Timepieces
A good way to add a retro vibe to your room is with a vintage styled clock, as these can create a fantastic throwback look. High-End clock designers Newgate specialise in this department, with most of their wall clocks being classically styled.  Drawing inspiration from old railway stations, films, and art from the 20th century, their clocks have been featured in Eastenders and have received grants from British Airways. If retro styling isn’t for you, the antique look of the Lace Cut Glass Clock from Karlsson is a perfect way to bring vintage style into your home.

Embrace Nature
If you have any floral patterns in your home, or even naturalistic colours like green or beige, you can match these with a nature themed clock. The Pip clock from Koziol is perfect for incorporating a nature theme, with animals standing on the numbers.

Create Contrast

Matching a clock with other room furnishings is an excellent way to create a fashionable, stylish look. But eye-catching designs, such as the Silk Clock or the Black and Black clock match fantastically against minimalist interiors. A striking, bold design would go perfectly in the same room as one of our minimalist wardrobes in a contrasting colour.

For more information about our minimalist wardrobes, or any of our other wardrobe combinations, contact our expert team today.

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