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Bringing The Outdoors In For Spring and Summer

We’re well on our way to warmer weather and sunnier days and there’s nothing quite like having a bedroom that reflects the change in season. Nobody really wants a dark and drab bedroom when the sun is shining outside – why not give your bedroom a spring makeover that you can enjoy all year round? Team a gorgeous green colour palette with natural flooring, wooden furniture and some lovely foliage to bring the outdoors into your home this season.

Follow these simple tips to creating the perfect outdoor look in your bedroom:

Colour Palette

What colours do you think of when you think of spring and summer? For us it’s lots of beautiful, fresh shades of green that represent the lush green foliage we see in our gardens around this time of year.

Sage is a very on-trend colour palette to go for – sage is the perfect balance between vibrancy and subtlety and can be coupled with some truly stunning colours and prints in your bedroom. Match your sage green walls with a statement piece of upholstery such as an armchair, covered in delicate floral prints that add an extra bit of life and colour to the room.


The key to achieving a room that completely represents the outdoors around you lies not just in the wall colours you choose, but also in the flooring. Stick to a natural material that will complement the naturalistic look you are trying to create. Opt for warm-coloured wooden floorboards or a natural stone finish floor.

When you have a natural looking floor in your bedroom, you have much more scope to be creative with the furniture and accessories you select. Celebrate gentle and unusual combinations that bounce off your natural stone or wooden flooring.


The furniture you choose for your bedroom can transport you from your familiar living and sleeping space, to a refreshingly stylish, lush green space. The obvious choice of wardrobe for this type of interior design is certainly a wooden wardrobe – these wardrobes are a particularly good choice for those people looking for a style that exudes a simple elegance and natural vibe.

If you’ve gone for solid oak floorboards in your bedroom, why not opt for a different type of wood for your furniture? Walnut wood wardrobes are very popular, as their rich colour offer so much warmth and depth to a room. Or perhaps go for something more classic with a Maple wood wardrobe, that will add a sturdy and robust dimension to your bedroom interior design.


Against the neutral, natural backdrop of your sage colour scheme and wooden furniture, create something truly spectacular with an array of accessories and floral patterns that make a real statement. Add splashes of colour to your bedroom in the upholstery of your armchairs and blinds – dainty floral motifs in shades of pink are the ultimate finishing touch to your outdoor-themed room.

Indoor foliage is becoming a common theme in the most up-to-date interior design trends and we love it! Invest in an ornamental Lucky Bamboo Plant in a dazzlingly green colour, as well as the easy-to-grow and extremely attractive Madagascar Dragon Tree. Looking for some smaller plants? You can purchase cacti in a range of different sizes to suit all your interior design needs.

Get started on creating your outdoor haven today with The Sliding Door Wardrobe Company. 

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