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Positive Interior Design For Peace Of Mind

  1. Remove sources of stress

Clutter, as we’ve discussed in a previous article, affects your mental wellbeing. Get rid of it – even if that means simply storing it out of sight. Tidy floorspaces, office tops and desks help keep mess to a minimum. The tidier your space, the less distraction you’ll encounter and the easier it will be to unwind and relax. Our sliding door wardrobes are a perfect choice to store your unwanted items, as they also offer a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish that blends seamlessly into a room.

  1. Create harmony

‘Harmony’ is subjective, but we’re going to talk about harmony within the realm of interior design. Harmony refers to the successful blending of shades, colours and tones to create a more harmonious scheme within the home. This extends through to fabrics and furniture too – so aim to create a delicate balance between colours and tones that minimises clashing.

  1. Increase light

Natural light boosts mood – and increasing it is vital. We’ve mentioned increasing natural light a few times on our blog, but just to recap: if you can, increase window space. Reorganise a room so the place you’re spending most of the time is near a window. Use a mirror to bounce light around and increase light in the room. Get rid of thicker curtains.

  1. Go colour-crazy if you want to!

While we’ve discussed harmony above, there are certain spaces that you deserve to ‘own’. Your bedroom, for example, is a place entirely for you. If you want to use broad splashes of colour, go ahead and use your favourites. Hang the prints you want to hang and make the room truly belong to you.

  1. Minimise distraction

This is another subjective point, but it’s important to minimise sources of distraction that contribute to negative mental wellbeing. If you find yourself watching TV too often at night and sleeping poorly, why not get rid of the TV in your bedroom so the space is solely reserved for sleeping? It’s up to you what you choose to remove, but a little bit of self-analysis can have a big impact on creating rooms that make you more productive.

While no interior design practice can truly alleviate poor mental wellbeing, creating a happier home with less clutter and more light is definitely a start.

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