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Why We Love Dark Wood Furniture

Over recent years, many interior designers have concentrated their efforts on lighter, bleached woods in their furniture selections. This is perhaps largely because of the ‘Scandi’ or ‘minimalist’ trend that seems to have dominated interior design until now. Whilst this trend encouraged lighter, more neutral wooden furniture, one of the latest trends of 2018 is a return to dark woods!

Do blondes really have more fun? Here are a few reasons why we love dark wooden furniture and why we think you should incorporate it into your interior design motifs:

Return to Retro Glamour

Dark woods such as Walnut, Tobacco and Dark Oak Wood afford a certain kind of luxury that you just don’t get with lighter coloured woods. A Walnut Wood Shaker Wardrobe, for example, adds a touch of retro glamour to a room that you wouldn’t get with a wardrobe that followed the Scandi trend. By retro glamour, we don’t necessarily mean dusty old antiques – we simply mean a look that harks back to the days of the Great Gatsby and more extravagant, luxurious interior design.

Refreshing Raw Materials

We live in an increasingly modernised, digital world where simplicity seems to be the ultimate objective. This has lead to people craving a return to the traditions of old and with this has come a resurgence in the use of raw materials. Irregular, rough and weather textures such as those you find in dark woods provide a look and feel that is certainly more Mother Nature than digital world or Scandi trend. Take a Tobacco Wood Shaker Wardrobe – it’s intricate, unfinished appearance is refreshingly raw and artisanal.

A Sense of Cosiness and Warmth

Dark wood is a wonderful material to use in rooms such as your bedroom or living room, as not only does it offer you a relatively maintenance-free and durable material, it has an immediate warming effect on any room. Make a room feel instantly more cosy and comfortable with a wardrobe in a dark wood, with matching bedside tables and drawers.

To view our full range of wooden wardrobes, please visit our website!

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