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Wooden vs Glass Wardrobes: Which is Right for You?

Wooden Wardrobes?

The benefits of wooden wardrobes are numerous. They are the more traditional of the two options, perhaps making them suited to older homes. Because of how traditional they are, however, wooden wardrobes can look good in almost any situation, be it an older room or more modern one.

There is something comfortable about wood, it has an easy natural aesthetic appeal. It is timeless, bringing the outdoors inside your home.

Wooden wardrobes also have incredible structural integrity. They are strong and durable, able to withstand a lot.

If we were to offer one disadvantage to wooden wardrobes, it would be that wood is vulnerable to water damage, though this is unlikely to be an issue in a bedroom or a dressing room.

Wood comes in a large variety of colours and tones too, making it extremely versatile.

With their traditional look and simple elegance, wooden wardrobes work beautifully in almost every home!

Glass Wardrobes?

Glass wardrobes too, have their benefits, making an excellent choice if you want a modern look combined with a lightweight feel.

The sheer finish of glass wardrobes creates a sense of space, perfect if your room is on the smaller side, and their reflective surface makes even the darkest of rooms feel lighter and brighter.  

Though glass wardrobes may be a little more fragile and prone to fingerprints, they are extremely easy to wipe clean.

Great for modern or contemporary homes, and even in more traditional spaces, glass wardrobes are available in a huge range of colours, offering a high level of elegance and sophistication.

A Combination?

If you still can’t make a decision, don’t worry! You could always choose both.

This is because the Sliding Door Wardrobe Company offers a number of wardrobes which include both wooden and glass finishes!

How about the Lyon Walnut Wood and Frosted Glass Pressed sliding door wardrobe? Or the Ivory Glass and Tobacco Wood Shaker sliding door wardrobe?

These wardrobes, and those similar to them, are the perfect option if you want the benefits of both wooden wardrobes and glass wardrobes.

Whatever wardrobe you decide to go for, if you order it from the Sliding Door Wardrobe Company, you’re guaranteed a high quality, long lasting product. Order your perfect wardrobe today.

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