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Colour Scheme and Use of Highlights

The room uses a colour scheme archetypal of minimalistic design styles, with subdued tones used for the majority of the room interspersed with bold highlights emphasising objects of particular interest.

The varying shades of grey and white used throughout the room provide depth to the space, with the colour scheme using darker grey to convey elements of the room which are further back, such as the alcove where the wardrobe is situated. The surrounding arch around this area is a lighter grey, underlining its place at the rear of the room, further back than the white wallpaper but not as far back as the dark grey wardrobe wall.

Other parts of the room, such as the bed and floor, opt for a similar approach in the use of greys, utilising them to create subtle variety to the room design. This continues in many of the room furnishings, such as the chair in the corner and the shelving.

The sombre grey theme of the room is offset by red highlights on the wardrobe and the bedside lamp. The change between the matt of the rest of the room and the gloss of these red items helps further differentiate them and stress their importance as areas of design interest within the space. These objects are important to both the room’s function and design, so the red helps promote them visually within the room.

Angular design

The room makes use of an angular design throughout, with very few curved edges. This creates a dynamic and lively edge to the room’s appeal; particularly the diagonal lines in the room’s alcove create a sense of action and interest, whilst offsets in the wall create complexity to the room’s structure and prevent it from becoming box-like in shape.


Once again archetypal of minimalist design, the room uses natural texture sparingly in order to maximise its effect when chosen. The design of the room uses the wardrobe to great effect here, with the urban-inspired textures of concrete and glass bringing a bold and confident atmosphere to the room.

The walls, wardrobe and more are all man-made materials lacking in natural texture, making the use of wood on the bedside stand and the fur of the rug more effective. The precision-crafted surfaces throughout the room allow the natural imperfections and variations in the wood to breathe and become a full feature of the room’s design as attention is drawn towards them.


The neutral daylight tones of the bulbs in the room, combined with the natural lighting present, makes this room appear modern, bright and open, suiting the grey tones present. This is not allowed to become overpowering however, as the warmth of the wooden bedside stand and red wardrobe counterbalances the colder tones, a reminder of relaxation and comfort as befits a bedroom.

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