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Mixing Traditional Home Décor with Modern Design Ideas

For this case study, we’re looking at a traditionally styled bedroom which artfully mixes in some modern design features. This room doesn’t limit itself to a specific period or style but is rather about a harmonious mix between various design elements and eras. Read on for our full breakdown.

Use of texture

As opposed to the minimalist use of texture in modern design styles, traditional interiors make extensive use of texture-rich materials such as wood and fabric. Here, the dark wood used in the flooring, bed headboard, drawers and wardrobe add an immediate feeling of comfort to the room; the natural variations in the wood bringing personality to the space, whilst the rich wood lends the room a sense of grandeur. Meanwhile, the textiles of the blanket, cushions and lampshade build upon this texture in subtle ways, adding a homely aura. The texture of the thick blanket, in particular, evokes security and warmth, whilst the lampshade also delicately adds to the room’s character.

Colour scheme

The colours used in the bedroom are welcoming and natural; the majority of the room’s colours are warm tones, such as the rich dark brown of the wooden flooring and furniture, bringing a tranquil beauty to the space. The warmth of tone continues with an effective pairing of the yellow of the lampshade with the yellow leaves and cloth in the painting hung on the wall. This is an understated combination which brings the bright, peaceful and uplifting psychology of the colour to the area at the top of the bed, enclosing the area around the sleeper’s head in a warm halo.

This warmth is carefully juxtaposed by dashes of cooler colour in the room, such as the pillows, the blanket and the clay figure on the chest of drawers. These help to provide contrast and variety in the room’s overall colour temperature, helping bring order and balance to the room’s layout.


The use of vertical lines in the room also helps convey a sense of stateliness and dignity. The high ceiling is accentuated by a tall, narrow wardrobe which lends a reserved feeling to the room; this is supported by the choice of materials of the wardrobe, which uses darker wood, associated with traditional design and luxury. The painting above the bed also adds to this sense of verticality, overall making the room appear more formal and traditional than would normally be expected of a bedroom.

Traditional heritage with cues from modern design

Whilst the heritage elements of the room are unmistakable, the design is also not afraid to mix in modern elements in a way which is tasteful and complimentary. The long metal handles on the drawers and wardrobe and the room’s overall lack of ornamentation speak to a more minimalist or shaker approach than many traditional schools of design thought. Similarly, the room’s high contrast between the dark wood and the light cream of the bed and walls is a classic feature of modern design. These modern design features are carefully used to elevate and enhance the traditional characteristics of the bedroom; the room is a nod to various traditional styles whilst also introducing a distinctly modern edge.

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