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The Top 5 Bedroom Interior Trends to Help You Create an Effortlessly Stylish Space

Discovering new home inspiration, including bedroom trends and modern wardrobe design can help to kickstart the home renovation fever and help us find a stunning new look in our living space. This year’s home décor trends focus on biophilic design principles, bold colours and patterns and unique statement details; simple yet effective ways to transform the most comforting space in the home.

1. Bring Nature Indoors

A timeless and naturally stunning interior design trend is biophilic design. The style recaptures the serenity of nature found in outdoor landscapes and brings this into the built environment to promote physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing. Evoking tranquillity and helping to create a serene atmosphere in the bedroom, house plants are an inexpensive way to breathe new life into your space and calm your mind.

2. DIY Panelling

Brought to the forefront of interior design by Netflix’s addictive romantic series Bridgerton and voted the UK’s third most popular interior design trend of the year in 2021 according to Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report 2022, panelling is going nowhere for 2022. The home décor trend is an easy way to incorporate “Regency” interior style into the bedroom. Although recreating the look can prove costly, opting for DIY MDF panelling is a more affordable and equally beautiful approach as proven by hundreds of users showcasing their efforts on TikTok.

3. Multi-Functional Furniture

With many still needing a comfortable, presentable space to use as their work from home base, the demand for stylish, multi-functional furniture is as great as ever. From dressing tables that double as a work desk to stunning mirrored wardrobes that open up your space, this season is all about furniture that combines beauty and utility.

Try incorporating a bespoke mirrored sliding door wardrobe, such as our Minimalist Black Frame with Grey Mirror, into your bedroom’s interior design. This way you can not only capitalise on increased floor space and create the illusion of a larger room by reflecting natural light, but you can also get ready for your zoom meetings with ease. Never underestimate the role that innovative bedroom wardrobe design can play in transforming your space.

4. Decorative Headboards

With maximalism taking centre stage in 2022, it’s time to embrace a bolder aesthetic in the bedroom. Choosing a statement headboard helps to inject a welcome dose of vibrancy and elevate the overall look of the bedroom. Shape is also a key consideration when considering a statement headboard. In fact, searches for ‘scalloped headboard” have gone up by 90% and “rattan headboard” searches have gone up by 60% since last year according to Google Trends.
With an almost limitless number of options available from bold colours and patterns to oversized, textured styles, decorative headboards can even be used in place of artwork and help to add another layer of personality to your space.

5. The Colour Palette for 2022

With the “Very Peri” Pantone Colour of the Year dominating the design world, it’s no surprise that lilac is having a moment when it comes to bedroom colour trends. Colour psychology dictates that the shade is closely associated with tranquillity, sweetness and warmth, helping to create a relaxing place to unwind at the end of the day.

Greens are also surging in popularity, from soft sage tones to daring emerald painted walls. Green shades have the power to bring incredible style to the home whilst creating an uplifting space when paired with either minimalist or maximalist interior schemes.

For those that prefer understated style in the bedroom, neutral tones offer the perfect solution, adding a sense of subtle sophistication and warmth. From timeless taupes to earthy beiges, neutral wall colours offer versatility and room to introduce head-turning artwork and unique details. Check out our interactive wardrobe builder to experiment with different colours and finishes.

For more information on how Sliding Door Wardrobe Company can help you craft the bedroom of your dreams with a beautiful space-saving solution, contact us today.

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