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How to Create a More Glamorous Home in 5 Steps

You can express your personality through the design choices you make within your home. Even small changes can create a completely different atmosphere in your space. Bedrooms and dressing rooms, where we begin and end each day, are some of the best rooms to make your own.

A sense of glamour is predicted to be a design trend for 2023, alongside anything playful and dramatic. So now is a great time to update your decor, because who wouldn’t want to feel more glamorous when they wake up in the morning?

Here, we’ll explore five simple steps to creating a more glamorous indoor space. Everyday pieces of décor, from sliding wardrobe doors and colour decisions to additions such as shoe racks and drawers, can have a big impact on your home.

1. Sliding wardrobe doors

A sliding door wardrobe can add instant glamour to any room. Not only do these doors fit snugly into the design of your space, they can easily hide any clutter and clothes from view! Understated options, such as our Minimalist in Silver Frame with Pearl White Glass, are a great way to add a sense of class to a room. The elegance of the white glass and clean lines offer a fresh feel and easily blend with the rest of your room décor.

Add a mirror to the outside of your wardrobe door for an extra shot of glam. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a staple in the most glamorous of homes and allow you to admire a reflection of your home design from all angles. The unique diamond design on our Shaker White Frame with Diamond Cut Silver Mirror brings a contemporary spin to a Gatsby-style pattern reminiscent of 1920s glamour.

2. Inset handles

An inset handle is a sleek, contemporary way to improve the ease of access to your sliding wardrobe doors. The fact an inset handle is set back into the door stops it from disrupting the flow of the design and enhances classic lines. Our Milano range of sliding doors with their seamlessly integrated handles bring this to life perfectly.

Choosing a sleek, classic colour such as silver, gold or black can lend even more glamour to the overall look. These colours bring to mind a certain classiness – there’s a reason monochrome outfits accented with silver and gold jewellery are such a timeless staple within fashion design!

3. Soft-close drawers

Drawers that close with barely a sound exude glamour and add a level of luxury to your room. A seamless, sleek flow to the opening and closing of your drawers feels expensive and it’s such a simple trick to inject a little glamour into your bedroom or dressing room.

Adding soft-close drawers to the interior of your wardrobe brings a sense of true glamour, lending the feeling of a walk-in wardrobe to even smaller spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have the space for a walk-in wardrobe, stacked drawers in minimal colours can add further dimension to your dressing area and make it easier to organise clothes. Further additions such as shoe racks, as seen in our Interior Design in White Finish with Shoe Bars option, can increase this sense of luxury, allowing you to display your fabulous shoe collection rather than hiding it away in boxes.

4. Colour decisions

Colour is one of the most essential elements of interior décor. To craft a sense of glamour, we recommend sticking to classic neutrals, such as black, white or wood effect designs. Simple colours blend well with existing interiors, meaning you don’t have to give your whole room design an overhaul!

Black, white and wood effect colours work particularly well with fitted furniture as they continue this blending effect, making the room feel integrated and complete. Lighter colours also have the advantage of brightening a space. Paired with items like hanging chandeliers and deep pile rugs, lighter colours bring the glamour to even small spaces, as seen with our Walk-in Interior Design in Satin Coastland.

Darker colours work best in larger spaces and paired with lighter accessories, such as silver light fittings or gold-framed mirrors to make sure the rest of your décor pops!

5. Walk-in wardrobes

To experience that true sense of glamour, try adding a mix of open shelving and soft-close drawers to a larger space, like with our Walk-in Interior Design in Graphite Oak. This style of design not only creates a gorgeous storage solution but also seals your dressing area off from the rest of the room, making it a distinct and private space to express your personality!

If you don’t have the space for a separate dressing room, you can still create a glamorous space! Try adding a dressing table into the centre of your wardrobe. When the doors are opened, this allows you to put the finishing touches to your look, surrounded by your clothes. Our Interior Design in Satin Coastland with Central Dressing Table also allows space for a wall-mounted mirror to really maximise your space.

A sense of glamour can help elevate any home and bring your personality to the forefront of your interior design plans. Our wardrobes and sliding door designs are sure to make following these steps simple, and they can help you create the perfect space to feel relaxed and glamorous every day.

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