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The Accessible Guide To Creating Your Dream Dressing Room

Dressing rooms are often considered a luxury, reserved for those with huge homes and limitless space to play with. It’s about time we put this myth to bed, showing you the best ways to make your dream dressing room regardless of space or circumstance.

These suggestions are great for inspiration, but if you think something could be altered in your dressing room setup to fit your lifestyle better – do it. At The Sliding Door Wardrobe Company, we love helping people find their own version of a dream interior.

Organisation is king

Some dressing room owners throw caution to the wind when it comes to organisation. Put simply, don’t do this. There are loads of ways you can use fitted wardrobe space to organise your bits and bobs in a way that’s stylish, ergonomic and fits your needs. Are you a businessperson that requires lots of space for ties and trouser or skirt suits? Then how about a fitted space for jackets and trousers, an underlying shoe rack and an embedded tie rack? This creates a visual and practical space to organise your outfits for when you are and aren’t at work.

We find this is a fantastic way to separate yourself from your professional life, giving you a set space to put away the work week and welcome your weekend style. An example of clever fitted space can be seen in our Interior Design in White Finish with Pull Down Hanging Rail option, which is perfect if you have a more modest-sized dressing room.

Uplifting lighting

It’s no secret that natural lighting does wonders for our home spaces. Natural lighting can boost your mood, create a more calming environment and give you more energy. What’s more, mental health expert Mind notes that letting a bit of nature in can drastically improve feelings of anxiousness and stress.

Bearing this in mind, it’s ideal to choose a space with good natural light for your dressing room. Natural lighting will help accurately identify colour tones for your clothes, accessories and if you use it, makeup. Speaking of which, why not add a desk and mirror by your window to organise your cosmetics? Get a bit of inspiration with our cosy window-facing Walk-in Interior Design in Satin Coastland.

Colour creatively

An exercise in self-expression, the colour tones of your dressing room can set the mood for your day when applied thoughtfully. Dressing rooms are one of the first places you go in the morning and last places you visit before bed, so allow your dressing room to set the perfect vibe. We find there are often two camps when it comes to dressing room décor colour.

Bright and colourful

Think uplifting yellows, calming blues or passionate reds. Colours can come in ranging tones and either command a space or simply complement it with trims and accent colours. Picking a colour scheme for your dressing room is a subjective and psychological process. But it’s important to note that while bright colours act as mood boosters for many neurotypical people, those who are neurodivergent may experience sensory overload. In this case, cooler tones that are more calming or neutral may be more suitable.

Minimalist and timeless

Think clean whites, slate greys and traditional woody effects that are rich in tone. This style of dressing room décor can be seen in our Walk-in Interior Design in White Finish option and benefits from looking both classy and cosy without being heavily influenced by changing design trends.

Maximise space

A small space for a dressing room doesn’t have to be a curse. One way you can maximise space is by using verticality to your advantage. If your room isn’t very spacious, invest in stylish hooks to mount items higher up your wall. If you don’t have space for a freestanding mirror, invest in fitted wardrobes with inset mirrors, as can be seen on our Frameless Hampton in White Text and Grey Tinted Mirror wardrobes.

Pro tip: If you’re struggling for space but can’t go without a desk, opt for a floating desk paired with an Ottoman-style storage bench to replace your desk chair. This doubles as a comfortable desk area and a clever storage solution.

Double-up your spare room

Do you have a spare guest room no one uses? Maybe an old bedroom from a child that’s long since flown the nest? No problem, you can have your cake and eat it by converting the room into a 50/50 bedroom/dressing room split. This is an incredibly efficient way of renovating an old room and creating a dressing room in the same budget. Selecting one wall of the room for a fitted wardrobe, desk and mirror is a great way to do this without making the space seem cluttered. Need some inspiration? Take a look at this Classic Stone Grey Frame with Cashmere design.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination when it comes to effective and stylish dressing room applications. If your mind is still drawing blank, get in touch with our experts, who’d be happy to walk through your dream dressing room together. For some on-hand inspiration, make sure you check out our interactive wardrobe builder to get a taste of the many design opportunities we offer.

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