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The Summer Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

With summer in full swing, you might be wondering how you can bring the spirit of this glorious weather indoors. Whether you prefer a bright, optimistic atmosphere or an easy breezy style, there’s something to suit every personality this summer.

It can be difficult to strike a balance between timeless style and keeping up with trends. A design that’s popular this summer won’t necessarily be on trend next year, leading to that dreaded stagnant feeling when you realise your furniture or colour scheme is outdated.

For instance, crisp, clean all-white interiors with colour-coordinated bookshelves and photos were big news in 2022, but the design world is now ‘quiet quitting’ these trends, moving towards brighter, bolder colours that pack more of a punch.

We’ve put together a breakdown of the top interior design and colour trends for summer 2023 with added tips on how to keep your home looking fresh and modern for years to come.

Calming coastal

Relaxed and beachy, coastal style instantly brings an airy, summer feel to any room. A particular favourite for small rooms, the subtle blue and cream colour palette helps to make tight spaces feel bigger.

Light, creamy wood shades work well in conjunction with this coastal design, bringing to mind sand and outdoor decking. When choosing large pieces of furniture, such as cupboards or fitted wardrobes, aim for colours that will blend with the rest of the room. Avoid dark tones and extend the light, airy atmosphere throughout your space with fitted furniture and subtly integrated handles to create a sleek, modern feel.

Soften bright whites with some striped blue cushions and add pops of greenery throughout by placing plants with large, flat leaves in oversized sand-coloured pots around the perimeter of your space. This will stop your overall look from appearing cold or sparse and give the eye something bright and natural to focus on.

Timeless tweaks…

Avoid overt coastal imagery, such as anchor motifs and driftwood sculptures, to keep your design choice feeling current year-round. Instead, opt for art featuring water and waves or exposed wood flooring to cultivate a free and relaxed feel.

Subtle stripes

The classic stripe is back for this summer, especially when it comes to home accessories, and this time there are no rules! Pair unusual colours together, such as brown and purple or pink and orange, or incorporate stripes into your tableware – great for summer garden parties!

This trend is all about bringing joy into your home and having fun with your décor. Try adding a couple of long, thin mirrors to your space to extend this trend and bounce light around your room – this will also ensure the pattern doesn’t dominate the space by opening your room up and making it feel bigger.

Timeless tweaks…

Instead of going all out, try bringing in a few subtle stripes in pastel colours. Opt for a selection of mugs, a single rug or a couple of lamps to dip your toe into the trend. Even small items can still create an impact and add a point of interest to your room, drawing the eye.

Bold brights

Empowering optimism through colour is the aim for this summer. Pretty pinks and happy yellows are the shades to go for, with their summery connotations and ability to lift the atmosphere in any room!

If you have a larger area, try a heavily-patterned wallpaper in a bright shade, perhaps following the floral or geometric trend. For smaller areas, make sure you have plenty of light and consider painting furniture, such as fitted cupboards or wardrobes, in the same bright shade to create the illusion of a more open room.

Timeless tweaks…

Try painting one feature wall in your space a bold colour, then select a complementary lighter shade for the remaining three walls. You’re then free to match smaller items of furniture, such as loveseats and coffee tables, to your bright hue. This will create a modern sense of cohesion throughout your space without feeling too overwhelming.

Perfect prints

Maximalists rejoice! Prints are back for summer 2023 and they’re better than ever. Bright and bold is the only rule with everything from pretty florals to loud animal prints on trend right now. Mix and match to your heart’s content, perhaps by pairing a zebra rug with a tiger-print ottoman or a busy floral wallpaper with a bright, flowery sofa.

Blue is the colour to look out for this summer, so don’t be afraid to use this hue as an accent colour. This will tie all your prints together and create a cohesive look throughout the room.

Timeless tweaks…

Try some subtler prints, such as geometric patterns or ditzy florals, in sweet pastel colours – pinks and blues are a classic, or try lavender for a more grown-up feel. Look for smaller items, such as cushions, throws and lampshades, to inject a hint of print into your room without letting it dominate the entire interior style.

Try out one or more of these trends in your home to bring a touch of summer indoors! If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing a few different trends together to create a unique blend of styles to suit your personality.

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