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3 Reasons Why Our Wardrobes Aren’t Just for Clothes

Of course, the main things we store in our wardrobes are our clothes. But a fitted bedroom or walk-in wardrobe offers some extra storage space within your home. You can store everything from kids’ toys to jewellery and even an entire home office behind closed doors.

By storing more than just your outfits inside your fitted wardrobe, you can improve the overall look of your room. Plus, finding a home for all that clutter could give your mental health a little boost too.

Check out our top tips for utilising your fitted bedroom's extra storage space.

Conceal the clutter

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors and sleek exteriors are perfect for hiding that clutter you don’t want guests to see. But just pushing the items inside your wardrobe in a disordered heap doesn’t solve the problem; it only moves it out of sight.

Instead of throwing everything into the wardrobe at random, try adding a number of shelves to the interior of your wardrobe. Place a basket onto each shelf and fill it with one ‘type’ of clutter – for example, all kids’ toys in one area and any odd socks and shoes in another. You could even label each drawer or basket to remind yourself where each item goes.

This will not only help you feel more organised and clean up the floor of your fitted or walk-in wardrobe, but it will also make it easier to find things when you’re inevitably asked for them. Instead of feeling panic when your little one asks where you put their favourite plastic dinosaur, handmade paper crown or sparkly hair grip, you can calmly hand them the basket with all the kids’ odds and ends in it!

Dressing room delights

If you have a particularly deep-fitted wardrobe or a walk-in space available, consider creating a dressing room area for yourself.

Install a shelf in the central section of your wardrobe, then place a stool below and a mirror above it. You could even add a drawer with its own internal sections for your makeup, jewellery and perfume so everything you need to get ready is in one place. A dressing table behind closed doors has the extra advantage of being easily concealed if you’re rushing to get ready for a day out. Simply close the door on any mess left behind and organise everything when you get home.

You could even integrate a TV screen or speaker into the back wall of your fitted wardrobe or walk-in dressing area. This means you can watch the news in the morning as you get dressed for work or play your favourite playlist as you get ready for a night out.

As a separate space away from your partner, kids or housemates, a dressing room area can help you take time for yourself. Enjoy a moment of calm as you get dressed, apply any makeup you wear and ready yourself for the day.

Hidden home office

If you work from home, you’ll know the struggle of trying to switch off at the end of the day when your laptop with all those unanswered emails is staring back at you from your desk.

If you have a fitted or walk-in wardrobe, there’s a simple solution: move your home office inside your wardrobe! Install a small shelf or desk in the centre of your wardrobe and pop your laptop or monitor screen on it. Add a comfortable chair and you have a chic office space that you can hide behind closed doors at the end of the day. Just make sure you have a plug or extension cord handy so you don’t have to leave your work-optimised space every time you need to charge your laptop!

Offering a stylish way to conceal your home office and also boosting your work-life balance, this fitted wardrobe hack is sure to make your daily life working from home much easier.

Try putting some of these tips into action in your own home and reap the organisational and aesthetic rewards of a tidier, sleeker bedroom.

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