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Beyond The Basics: Exploring Unique Bedroom Colour Schemes

2024 colour palettes

Deep, earthy tones make up 2024’s colour palette, with interior design turning to the natural world for inspiration.

Add these darker hues to a light, neutral base via accessories, or use them as the dominant colour in your space, with smaller pops of brighter colour enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Accessories such as textured cushions or metallic light fittings pair well with sleek fitted bedroom furniture in carefully selected accent colours.

White and…

White bedroom ideas don’t have to feel sparse or plain. Adding dashes of on-trend colour can help bring them to life!

Black and white bedrooms provide a glamorous base, utilising that classic monochrome aesthetic. Patterns like chequerboards and stripes work well when it comes to these colours. Try adding some smaller, patterned lamps or cushions to subtly incorporate these patterns without them becoming distracting.

Add dusky pinks or dramatic greens to your monochrome base via your soft furnishings for a modern spin. Metallic accessories in warm golds and coppers will further add to that sense of glamour and luxury.

Grey and white bedroom ideas allow for a lighter, delicate base. On-trend moody browns via your flooring or fitted wardrobes will make a statement, while bright coppers and oranges will help cultivate a more relaxed rustic feel.

If you really want to pack a punch, try a warm orange feature wall in your otherwise neutral space to lift both the room and your mood!

Finally, blue and white bedroom ideas can provide versatile style. Opt for a deep blue feature wall, coupled with a unique fitted wardrobe in a daring blue hue for a grown-up, calming feel. Alternatively, pastel blues work well with whites and creams to soften a child’s room or nursery.

Black and…

Black bedroom ideas have a reputation for creating an oppressive atmosphere. However, paired with the right accent colours, they can strike a truly glamorous tone.

Black and grey bedroom ideas can help cultivate a modern aesthetic within your home. Pairing this colour scheme with lighter or white accessories and plenty of mirrored surfaces will help bounce natural light around your space and stop the black tones from becoming overwhelming.

For a more unique feel, turn to cerulean blues or forest greens when it comes to accessories and fitted furnishings. This blend of colours will help cultivate that nature-inspired aesthetic that is so on-trend for 2024.

Black and gold bedroom ideas convey a sense of high glamour, perfect for maximalists. If you’re going for a strong, bold look, try adding berry tones with your soft furnishings and ensuring any fitted or heavy furniture is in a deeper chocolate brown shade. This colour palette will create a striking, modern style with distinct romantic undertones.

Black and cream bedroom designs allow for a more subtle base, great for those who prefer to keep things pared-back. Add pastel pinks via your accessories and keep your wooden furnishings in lighter brown tones for a more traditional feel. This is the perfect way to incorporate black into a smaller room that doesn’t receive a lot of natural light.

Grey and…

When paired with the right colours and striking accessories, grey doesn’t have to feel boring. It’s an ideal base tone for creating a calming space, helping to ready you for relaxation and sleep.

Pink and grey bedroom ideas lend a definite luxury feel to a space. Opt for dusky or deep pinks over bright or pastel tones to bring a more delicate, grown-up feel to your room. Subtle gold detailing throughout your room, such as inset handles on your bedroom wardrobe, will add a further touch of class.

Grey and cream bedroom colour palettes will create a relaxed feel in your home, perfect for those who love a minimalist design style. Try adding some pops of dreamy pastel blue or lavender for a modern spin on the traditional. These accent colours will look best when used with soft furnishings and delicate curves.

Grey and yellow bedrooms will create a positive, bright feel – perfect for those working with a smaller space or looking to lift the overall atmosphere of their room. Add copper or brown tones to cultivate a more rustic atmosphere, a great option for anyone who loves the country chic aesthetic.

Bedroom colour ideas for couples

When you’re looking into bedroom colour scheme ideas for couples, we recommend prioritising relaxing, romantic tones. Look for calming forest greens, rich, spicy oranges and playful berry hues to create a space that feels intimate and cosy.

Strive to create a space that is unique to the two of you as a couple, incorporating wall art that holds meaning for you and prioritising soft, curved furnishings for a relaxed feel.

If you have space to play with, consider installing a walk-in wardrobe or storage space in warm chocolate brown tones to stay on-trend for 2024. Not only does a larger storage area give you more available floor space in your bedroom, but it also ensures that clutter doesn’t dominate your room, leaving more space for you and your partner to add personal touches.

If you don’t have the space for a walk-in storage space, think about decorating your wardrobe interior in colours and patterns that reflect your personality. Bedroom wardrobe colours don’t always have to be neutral – try a pop of bright red or a deep blue!

Bedroom colour ideas for teenagers

When brainstorming colour ideas for your teenager’s bedroom, it’s important to go with hues that reflect their personality. Let your child pick their own colour combinations and experiment with their space.

The area should feel like it belongs to them, so allow them to play with unusual colour combinations and out-there ideas!

The use of clever colouring can help create specific zones in your teenager’s room, dedicated to rest, work and play. Use bright reds or greens in one area to create an energised atmosphere that will encourage creativity, while sectioning off another zone for rest and relaxation with calming lavenders or pale blues. This ensures that your teenager has an area to complete their school or college work in, as well as a separate section reserved only for winding down.

Boys’ bedroom colours

If you’re looking to create a traditional boy’s bedroom with a 2024 twist, opt for deep, calming blues with darker-toned accessories. Remember to add plenty of natural and artificial light throughout the space so the darker hues don’t feel oppressive.

Alternatively, rustic oranges, earthy browns and deep, raspberry reds will help create a truly modern space that feels warm and inviting. Keep your brown tones to the floor and hard furnishings, while the walls and softer furnishings will benefit from those copper and berry tones.

For those looking to go all out, try a deep blue base with a few pink or berry-toned accessories to give the room a pop of punchy colour!

Girls’ bedroom colours

Pink bedroom ideas for a traditional girl’s bedroom can easily be created with blush pink and cream or white accessories. Add plenty of soft furnishings with curved edges and try some mirrored surfaces on table tops and wardrobe doors.

For a more modern feel, try using a deep purple or forest green as your base colour, creating a cosy, calming atmosphere. Add pops of further colour with bright yellow accessories and metallic gold light fixtures.

Pink and green bedroom ideas can also pack a punch, creating a striking design moment with contrasting hues. For the best finish, keep one colour as an accent tone only and use the other as your main base. Deep green walls look great with pale blush furnishings and deep cerise accessories.

It’s great to have fun following trends and trying out this year’s colour palette. But remember that the most important thing to take into account when designing your bedroom is your own personality.

If you want to express yourself with a more out-there colour combination, go for it! If you’d rather channel a more reserved, traditional look, keep things simple with pared-back colour palettes and sleek, fitted furniture.

However you choose to decorate your space, your bedroom should be a reflection of you.

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