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Gorgeous 2024 Nursery Décor Trends

Cosy colours

Much of 2024’s interior design colour palette is deep and rich. While dark tones might not have been top of your list when it comes to baby room décor, pairing these on-trend hues with lighter, pastel tones will make sure your nursery is still a welcoming space.

Earthy tones, emerald greens and deep blues can help produce a calming feeling within a room. The rich tones will help both you and your baby feel relaxed and cosy, aiding sleep and creating a calm atmosphere. Colours like forest green and burnt orange can help you create a gender-neutral nursery design for your little one.

If you’re searching for small nursery room ideas, consider designs that use lighter colours on the walls and floors, making them feel more spacious. However, you can still incorporate some on-trend earthy tones via accessories within your nursery. Or you could opt for a feature wall in a darker tone.

A feature wall is a great opportunity for further personalisation via a mural. Nature and woodland-inspired themes are set to be big news for 2024, so if you’re handy with a paintbrush, get creative and try adding some furry woodland friends to your little one’s walls!

If you’re less confident when it comes to painting freehand, there are plenty of templates available to make the process easier. Or you could even hire a professional to give your nursery the VIP treatment.

Baby girl nursery ideas

If you prefer traditional pink, try giving it a modern spin by pairing your base colour palette with neutrals and adding splashes of colour through your furniture and accessories.

Pink teddy bears, lampshades and rugs can help to make the room feel perfect for your little girl, without being too harsh on the eyes. Add a pretty pink canopy above your little girl’s cot for the true princess treatment.

Baby boy nursery ideas

Instead of reaching straight for the pastel blue, try something a little different by incorporating a range of shades. Dark blue can be calming, while bright blue adds a sense of playful imagination.

If you’re working with a small space, lean into the natural light in your room and prioritise lighter, brighter shades. Those with larger room can opt for darker tones on the walls and bring a sense of lightness in through accent pieces and accessories.

Neutral nursery design ideas

Love a neutral base? Adding pops of colour via accent pieces will make the space come alive and ensure your chosen neutral tones don’t look flat. Dark greens and blues or lighter pastel colours look great against cream and white tones.

Accent items are also easier to swap out if your little one starts to gravitate towards particular colours. This way, your child can add to their room, expressing their personality as they grow.

Superior storage

Storage is extremely important in a nursery, as your little one begins to accrue toys and clothes. Making sure your chosen storage matches up with your baby room décor will create a cohesive feel, tying the room together.

Customise both the exterior and interior of your fitted wardrobe to maximise space and match the aesthetic of your nursery. Add mirrored sliding doors to bounce light around the room and capture your baby’s attention as they begin to explore the world and study their reflection!

Place removable storage baskets on fitted shelves inside your wardrobe to safely store your little one’s toys. You can also add extra shelving for those all-important sleepsuits and even opt for a removable shoe rack that will come in handy when they get older.

Fitted bookcases and shelves are also great options to maximise floor space in your nursery. It’s a good idea to make sure that these pieces of furniture are still accessible from a lower vantage point, allowing your child to grab their favourite book or toy as they begin to grow. You could even display their favourite toys on fitted shelves or add a fitted changing table, cultivating a sleek aesthetic.

Pairing great storage with other clever furniture, such as adjustable cots and beds that can grow with your child, will elevate the functionality of your nursery without compromising on style.

Remember to also add some features for yourself, especially during those first few precious months. Include a comfortable chair and warm blankets so you can spend time with your little one in their space and a bedside lamp to go alongside your baby’s nightlight.

Lovely lighting

Make sure you have lighting options that will work for different times of the day and different moments in your baby’s schedule. A bright main light is essential for daily use, while a floor lamp or downlights under fitted shelving can bring light right to the edges of the room during playtime. A bedside lamp and nightlight can help create a cosier atmosphere when it comes to getting your little one ready for sleep.

Opt for warm-toned yellow bulbs over white LEDs to avoid an overly harsh, bright light causing glare within your nursery. There are plenty of fun lamps currently available, shaped like animals or beloved children’s characters. These items are the perfect additions to themed rooms – if your wall mural is of a woodland, a lamp shaped like a fluffy squirrel or a sweet mouse is a wonderful final touch!

Blackout blinds are a great option for your nursery, allowing your baby to enjoy their naps in a darkened room even if there’s bright sunshine outside.

Small nursery room ideas

We recommend always working with the natural light in your room where possible, and this is especially important if the room you’re working with is on the small side. Spaces that don’t receive much natural light should prioritise lighter, pastel tones and white or cream-toned furniture with plenty of wide-angled floor lamps.

Matching your blinds or curtains to your interior colour theme or patterned wallpaper can also help smaller rooms feel bigger.

Perfect personalisation

You don’t always have to stick rigidly to trends when it comes to brainstorming nursery room ideas – that’s the beauty of interior design!

Adding a personal touch to your baby’s room is a fantastic way to create a calming, cosy space that feels homely and safe for you and your little one. Give yourself permission to have fun.

Eye-catching accessories, like a set of fairy lights in the shape of jungle animals or a fun teepee tent, will enhance otherwise simple nursery designs. You could even opt for a fun rocking llama instead of a traditional rocking horse!

Remember to always consider safety factors when designing your little one’s room. Be aware of sharp corners and hard flooring and work to cover these potential issues with corner protectors and fuzzy rugs.

Nursery room décor that stands the test of time

When it comes to picking out large pieces of furniture, avoid items that will only last a few years, such as small wardrobes designed specifically to hold your baby’s first clothes. Our fitted wardrobes are guaranteed for 10 years and are able to grow with your child and adapt to their different needs as they get older.

Consider how the layout of your nursery will work during the early years through to when your child starts walking and beyond. Add soft rugs to hardwood floors, choose furniture with rounded edges and corners and think about the practicality of your furniture when it comes to both colour and material. For example, white or cream furniture that you cannot wipe clean isn’t the best idea!

Use different textures throughout the room to encourage your child’s curiosity. Help advance their tactile development with smooth, wooden furniture, fuzzy cushion covers and soft, cuddly toys. Brightly-coloured canopies above your little one’s cot can also bring a sense of fun and playfulness to your nursery, encouraging imaginative play.

Baby room ideas

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to designing your little one’s nursery and remember to inject some personality into the space. Whether you’re looking to follow the 2024 nursery trends or not, always choose a colour palette that works with the room's natural light and size and think beyond the baby years to include items that will stand the test of time.

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