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Personalise Your Wardrobes and Transform Their Look

Here at The Sliding Door Wardrobe Company, we specialise in providing you with the perfect fitted wardrobe for your space, made to your requirements. Once we’re done however, that doesn’t have to be the end of making sure your wardrobe is unique and personal to you. There are a range of options you can carry out yourself to make your wardrobe fit a certain look, or simply give it a distinctive flair. See if any of the following could provide you with the final touch to your sliding wardrobe.

Stickers and decals

By far the easiest way to customise your wardrobe, stickers and decals have become extremely popular in recent years. Easy to apply, the only skills required are a bit of creativity to place them in the best arrangement you can think of. There are a huge number of shapes, patterns and images available and most are very reasonably priced. As if that was not good enough, they also leave no mess and are simple to affix, just pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.


For a unique and distinctive look, attaching a fabric covering to the doors can completely transform the feel of the furniture. A little DIY experience is recommended here, although the brave of you may be able to manage with some research and caution! First remove the doors from the wardrobe and lay them on top of the fabric you wish to use. Cut the fabric to the measurements of the door, with enough excess to affix to the sides of the door. Now it is simply a matter of wrapping the fabric to the door and choosing a method to attach it, such as double-sided tape, nails or a staple gun. Make sure to pay close attention to the alignment of the fabric on the door, especially if the fabric has a pattern that needs to be straight. Please also take care to note the sliding mechanism on the door and wardrobe frame so that the fabric cannot get in the way of this.


By covering your wardrobe with the same wallpaper as the room it is situated in, you can create a stylishly concealed wardrobe that blends into the wall. Alternatively, you can give a powerful visual look to the wardrobe with a specific pattern of wallpaper. In either case, it’s simpler than you might think to wallpaper your wardrobe, but do double-check whether the material you are applying it to is compatible. Matte wood tends to work best. Just apply the wallpaper as normal with excess stretching over each side of the wardrobe doors. Once you’re finished, you can then trim the excess with a sharp knife to create a precise and professional application.
You can also remove wallpaper from your wardrobe if you do so carefully. Instead of using normal methods which can damage the wardrobe, peel the paper off gently using warm water and sugar soap.


You can also take matters directly into your own hands and simply paint your wardrobe. Either remove the doors to paint them separately, or use masking tape to mask the frames. Do check to make sure the paint you wish to use is compatible with the material you are painting onto and also consider using an undercoat or primer for the best results.

If you have customised your wardrobes please send a picture into us, we would love to see it!

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